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A pillar in the community needed an online presence. We brought them online with a "sweet" website.

What we did for Lindale Candy Co.

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About Lindale Candy Co.

For 75 years and counting, Lindale Candy Co. has brought smiles to all ages with their hand-pulled candy, infectious attitudes towards life, and their new chocolate artistry.

Although the world around has changed significantly since opening their doors in 1946, the tradition of hand-pulling these beautiful candies has stayed withheld the test of time.

Jeremiah and Kaitlin took over the long standing Lindale Candy Co. in 2019 and has since introduced Kaitlin’s Confections, a delicious assortment of artistry chocolates, adding to the hard candy and other sweet treats.

Where We Come In

We went into Lindale Candy Co. looking for sweet treats and realized they needed a sweet website! Our goal when building websites in Lindale has been to provide quality websites with engaging content, so we knew we needed to start with photos and video. After heading over load up on some sugar, we got to work filming the various aspects of their store. From their chocolates designed by Kaitlyn to the hand-pulled peppermint prepped in their new viewing room, we picked up all aspects of this 75 year old candy store.

A pillar in the community needed an online presence. We brought them online with a "sweet" website.

Web Design

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