Amazing SEO and Web Design,
plus we're a pretty cool team.

Building the perfect team means knowing each individual's strengths. We all shine in different areas and meld together as one to give you the best.

Our working environment can be "nuts" at times...

web developing squirrel

Yes, there was a time we rehabbed 2 squirrels whilst developing amazing websites and putting together SEO content strategies. While that was a highlight in my career, it pales in comparison to what I building a successful agency is to us.

the web design agency familyWe are a family run and operated agency that pulls in the strengths of everyone involved. With John's 20+ years of web design and marketing experience he has been able to instill some of that knowledge into the homeschooling family setting. This flourished in Seth and Eveli, as they found their spot on the team helping with SEO strategies, writing content, and keeping us all in line as a project manager.

We are an amazing combination, and don't let their age fool you, both Seth and Eveli do absolutely amazing work for this agency. Read more about each of them below, and see how we've helped our clients grow and thrive with their Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.

When you're ready to get started, reach out to us!

web design lindale, tx

John McMullen


I have always had the entrepreneur spirit and got hooked on coding websites in FrontPage on Windows 95. Since then I worked with several startups over the years developing new platforms that are simple to use. After 10 years in the startup world, I took Smple Design Studio from a side-gig to the Web Design and SEO agency it is today. I take the years of experience optimizing websites for performance and combine that with my expertise for search engine optimization to create a killer combo of getting your website ranking on Google.

I have been using WordPress since it’s inception and am familiar with every aspect of it. If you need a custom plugin created to benefit your site, I’ve got you covered.


Jesus follower, husband and father is who I am at the core. The whole reason I do what I do is for my family. The ability to work from anywhere with internet and spend more time with my family has pushed me further than anything ever could as an agency owner. We’ve lived in Guatemala and spent 2 years traveling North America all while growing this amazing business. You can see some of our exploits around this awesome continent on our YouTube channel here.

If I’m not on a computer or with my family, I’m typically either dating my wife or building something with my hands.

seth mcmullen, lindale seo writer

Seth McMullen


At the age of 7 I sat in on a semester of my Dad’s Flash Animation course at Lone Star Community College and after keeping up with the entire curriculum I was hooked. I took the time to dive into web design on the side of my regular homeschool curriculum and started building complete websites at the age of 11. Around that time my passion for reading turned into a passion for writing and I wrote a 73,000 word novel and several short stories.

At that time I realized I had more of a passion for writing than developing websites so I started down the road of Search Engine Optimization in content writing. From blog posts to complete content writing for pages, I write keyword-specific content for our clients to get them seen on Google. I know I’m just shy of 15, but the performance of our SEO clients speaks volumes of my abilities.


Going hand-in-hand with my love for writing, I’m setting out to learn every stringed instrument and have started writing my own music.

Eveli McMullen


Getting it done is what I do. While I’m still in training with designing full-fledged websites, I update content like no one’s business. In addition to the content updates, I make sure all of our projects and Search Engine Optimization strategies stay on target with the weekly updates and long-term goals. If either of these guys listed above gets behind, I let them know (by force if necessary.)


I love playing sports or anything that involves competition and winning. From my earlier days of competitive gymnastics to the more recent love of soccer. I give it my all and go hard. If you’re in my way, you won’t be long 🙂

We've built your websites in some pretty cool places...

With 20 years as a Web Design Agency, we've built it all.

Our range of marketing services include...

Web Design

We've been developing with WordPress since 1.0 and specialize in creating highly optimized WordPress websites or speeding up your existing website. Small town shop to large hospital groups, we do it all.

Inspired Hosting

Hosting optimized for your environment, all without the mumbo jumbo that makes your head hurt. Let our experts do the work for you. Questions about a DNS setting or failed update? Shoot us a text, we're here for you.

Online Stores

From WooCommerce to Square, we know online shopping and we're here to help guide you through that process. If WordPress with our hosting isn't right for you, we'll tell you. We want to see you succeed.


Knowing how to reach your target audience is a specialty that comes with a mixture of knowledge and experience and we have both. From full enterprise applications to small town shops, we've done it all.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting to that number one spot on Google for your keyword in your area is a specialty of ours. From building the strategy to keeping up with Google's changes, we are here for you.

Website Optimization

Whether it's your current website or one we're building, we can make it blazing fast. We save every kilobyte to ensure optimal speed. If you're not loading within 1-2 seconds, you're losing customers.