Smith County Lumber

From on-screen errors, to an engaging and responsive website. We breathed life into Smith County Lumber's online presence.

What we did for Smith County Lumber

East Texas web design for Smith County Lumber

About Smith County Lumber

Serving Lindale, Texas, Smith County Lumber has provided quality lumber, paint, plumbing, electrical, hardware supplies and expertise since 1959.

Where We Come In

When we first started with Smith County Lumber their site was outdated and littered with on-screen errors. We breathed new life into a wonderful local hardware store by taking the small town feel into a new website design built on WordPress. We knew the site needed updated imagery as well, so we took our camera to snap photos and take video of all aspects of the store. Now with a custom video overview, responsive design and SEO updates, Smith County Lumber Co.’s website is ready to go!

From on-screen errors, to an engaging and responsive website. We breathed life into Smith County Lumber's online presence.

Web Design

What is web design? The art and science of creating websites. It’s taking the graphical look and feel of a company and combining it with the knowledge and experience it takes to create a full interactive experience for users visiting your website from a computer, tablet or phone. More than that though, it’s taking into account the file sizes of the imagery and script to ensure all of the graphical content used on your website is delivered to your potential customer as quickly as possible.

47% of website visitors expect a page to load in under 2 seconds. Anything after that exponentially increases the risk of losing your customer and that next sale. You needweb design agency that not only delivers a clean web design, but does so with the speed and conversion of your clients in mind.

The majority of our websites are built on a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress which powers over 30% of the internet today and is trusted by agencies, bloggers and Fortune 500 companies alike. We take our almost 20 years of experience building with WordPress and our knowledge of the hosting industry to provide a beautiful mashup of technologies and bring you the best experience with your website.

Custom web design

Designed from the ground up, our websites are custom tailored for your individual needs.

Designed for speed

With our custom development process, your website loads faster than the competition.

Tuned for conversions

Designed to increase visitors and maximize conversions resulting in higher sales.

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