Transportation Company SEO Case Study

This is a real-world case study of SEO optimization done for a transportation company out of Houston, TX. They provide hot shot services and were wanting to boost their online presence. After optimizing their website and bringing the load time from 15 seconds to 1.9 seconds, we started working on optimizing the website’s verbiage, tags and schema information.

Visitor count is up to ~500/wk in October from ~250/wk when we started in July.

This is a general look and feel of the weekly updates provided with our SEO services:

Here’s the update for the past week, Monday to Sunday.
Google Analytics
This is the type of week we want to see every week!

  • Everything is in the green! It looks like we have 100% stabilized from the SEO changes and should see continual growth now.
  • It’s great to see in addition to the users increasing, the average duration and bounce rate are also in the green. That means these are the right visitors and the ad targeting is working.
Pinch Analytics

All in all, things are moving along. I’m going to let this homepage edit ride for a bit and work on the flatbed subpage from an SEO standpoint. That page in particular shows in search engines on certain keywords.

SERP Metrics
Moving on up with organic searches! We’re averaging position 10 now with the more specific, “houston tx” search, but what’s great in this is that we’re moving up faster with “flatbed trucking”. That last column titled “Search” is how many people are searching that keyword on a monthly basis, so ranking higher with the 1200 searches would significantly improve our metrics all around and we’re getting there.
Pinch SERP Stats
Continuing Progress
I’m working on a new adset based on the recommendations you sent over last week, thank you for those. In addition to those ads I’m working on refining keywords to maximize our spending.
For example, the search terms with our company name in it took about $80 of spending last month. If you search anything with the company name it’ll show as the first result without spending any money, so I’ve removed that from keywords so we don’t spend money on showing our own company name. That’ll open up another $80/mo for other keywords!
Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll keep you updated next week!


You’ll get an update like this from us every Monday and we strive to explain as much of the process as possible and keep you in the loop!

If we can help with any SEO services for your company please text or call (281) 401-9321 or email us at

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